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Organic Banana Flour 2lb

$ 13.49
$ 16.99

Organic Chia + Probiotics 200g (7oz)

$ 5.99
$ 7.99

KunaPops White Cheddar 3.5 oz (99g)

$ 2.49
$ 3.49

KunaPops Tomato & Basil 3.5 oz (99 g)

$ 2.49
$ 3.49

KunaPops Spicy Chili 3.5 oz (99 g)

$ 2.49
$ 3.49

Organic Chia Seeds 280g (7oz)

$ 4.99
$ 6.49

Superfood MULTIGRAIN Pasta

$ 3.99
$ 4.99

Why LiveKuna?

Boost your Health

Strengthen your immune system, improve your energy levels, enhance your digestive system. Get your daily dose of fiber, Omega 3-6, vitamins, minerals, and protein with our set of Gluten Free products.


100% Plant Based infused products, with natural, organic and traceable ingredients. No additives or preservatives. From our fields to your table!

Clean Label

Less ingredients, more value. Label made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. Clean Label, no BS!


Who said healthy food didn't taste good? Try our superfoods, flours, or probiotics and use them to make some of the most nutritious and delicious recipes. Not to mention our KunaPops Snacks! Yummy!

KUNA means TO GIVE in Quechua, an indigenous language from Ecuador. Our vision is to lead the world towards a healthier life by GIVING YOU better food choices.

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We provide natural and organic ingredients straight from the source. People deserve to know where their food comes from and how it's been produced so they can make the right choices. Making sure that the farmers who produce your food are treated fairly is the right choice, and we guarantee that with our top-quality products.


We continuously invest in R&D to create products that are made from plants. We transform them into functional, convenient and most importantly, delicious everyday options for every consumer. Who said superfoods couldn’t taste this good?!


We work directly with farmers who grow superfoods in Ecuador, using the most sustainable methods for our planet. We encourage their environmental best practices while supporting them through education and other tools to help them improve their quality of life.


LiveKuna was created to inspire change. For us that has meant creating better-for-you food products while driving a better future for all. This has included various initiatives like providing support for the kids in Ecuador living in low-income communities. By partnering with local organizations, we directly support a brighter future for the community.

Changing The World One Superfood at a Time.