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Superfood Basket
Superfood Basket

Superfood Basket

Free Shipping. More than 140 Servings per Basket. Best Value!

$ 49.00

Health and Taste at great value. Try some of our best sellers products all in one basket. Natural and organic ingredients nurtured at the source. Try it now and Enjoy!

Kuna means TO GIVE in Quechua, an indigenous language from the Andean region in South America. Our mission is to give you better food options while giving back to the community.

When you buy a LiveKuna basket we donate 20% of our net profits to the Karla Morales Foundations’ Comedores Infantiles program, supporting kids in Ecuador affected by the pandemic by providing them daily with nutritional food.


We nurture foods from the source. People deserve to know where their food comes from and how it's been produced so they can make the right choice. This way we also make sure farmers are treated fairly, while also guaranteeing top quality products.


We are continuously investing into R&D to create products that are made from plants and transforming them into functional, delicious and convenient every day options for everybody. Who said superfoods couldn’t taste this good?


We work directly with farmers that grow superfoods back in Ecuador in a way that is most gentle with the earth. We also empower them around environmental best practices while also supporting them with education and other tools so they can also improve their quality of life.


We were born to inspire change. And for us that means creating better-for-you products to drive a better future for all around us, starting with kids in Ecuador living in low resource communities. By partnering with Me To We and other local foundations -like Karla Morales-, we provide them with tools and resources for a brighter future.

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It is an essential in my kitchen


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I have recently discovered your snacks and I´m in love with how incredible they taste and the simple ingredients you have put on it. After tastting soo many healthy snacks brands, it is no doubt Kunapops is definitely on top of my list


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I’ve wanting to try quinoa flour for a long time, but hadn’t gotten around to it. I have used coconut flour, almond flour, psyllium husk, flax meal and more. So far I love the desserts and other bread products made with quinoa flour the best! I think the secret is the texture.


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