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All started in 2014...

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Our Co-Founders

"Kuna is a word in the Quechua language that means 'to give'. For this reason LiveKuna exists today. To give health, taste and traceability to our customers.

Two friends from Ecuador, Carlos & Santiago, that's how LiveKuna was born...
"We analyzed the changes in habits and trends in consumers, we saw a boom in the consumption of super foods and we did not find a brand that reflected that concept of nutrition and health", says Carlos.
“We started this company out of curiosity and frustration knowing that 99% of chia seeds grown in our own country were being exported, and our own people who produced, were not taking advantage of this amazing seed. LiveKuna was then created to promote and bring superfoods consumption back to its roots”, says Santiago.

Our Story

In 2014 LiveKuna was born, a vertically integrated superfood company that works directly with farmers to create healthy foods that are distributed worldwide. We started with chia seeds and eventually incorporated other superfoods grown locally. “We were pioneers in Ecuador when setting up the concept with chia. There was no superfood trend, there was no culture about chia, it was a challenge to educate about the benefits". Then, we realized that consumers were asking for a more convenient and delicious way of eating their superfoods. So we created KunaPops, made from superfoods in a convenient, every-day, delicious snacks and cereals for the whole family to enjoy. 

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Our vision

Every company wants to create a long-standing impact. With LiveKuna, the vision is simple. We want to keep creating innovative and affordable superfood products that you can eat on a daily basis, while giving back to the community of farmers who makes it all happen. The goal is not just to be a superfood company but to continue innovating in this space. Our Purpose is simply to lead people towards a healthier life by giving them better food choices. We want to provide society with health and innovation through our products, which naturally create a well-being.

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Grain-Free & Gluten-Free. Less is More. Less Ingredients, More Nutrition. Ingredients you can actually pronounce. Clean label, no BS!

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100% Plant Based products, sustainably grown and traceable ingredients. No additives nor preservatives. From farm to table.

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We create tasty and amazing vegan snacks, high protein pastas and gluten free flours with no compromise. 

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